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Why I started Weekend Warrior Zone . . . 

For some of us, working out is serious business.

For others, it’s a labor of love.

But for those are looking to make fitness a fun adventure, (which I affectionately call WWZ for short) is the place for you!

I started WWZ to give us “weekend warriors” a place to find workout tips, fitness news, fancy gadgets & gizmos, and success stories – all to help make fitness more fun.

After all, if you can’t have fun working out, when can you have fun?

What I hope you take away from this . . . 

I know that many people struggle with exercising, losing weight, and staying in shape. I know that many people find it hard to stay motivated. And I definitely realize that many people find it easy to let life “get in the way”.

It happens to the best of us, at some point or another.

Sticking with your goals … staying in shape like you were when you were younger … or getting into shape in the first place … it’s not easy. There are plenty of obstacles we all face:

  • Family obligations
  • Work
  • Money
  • Worrying about people judging you at the gym
  • Fear of failure
  • And fear of success

I know, been there done that.

So my hope is that by making fitness fun, you’ll find something here at Weekend Warrior Zone that will inspire you to become the person – both physically & emotionally – that you really want to become! To join me in the journey …


But this site probably isn’t for you if . . . 

I want to be totally honest right from the start. Not everyone will be interested in what you read here. And that’s okay. There are plenty of fitness blogs out there. I hope you find what you’re looking for here. But if not, no hard feelings.

If you’re looking for any of the following, you’re probably in the wrong place:

… Stories about the latest fads (which usually don’t work)
… Hardcore rah-rah crap like you see in the gym
… A boring description of all my workouts and a list of all my recipes
(even I’m not interested in reading that kind of stuff!)

Nope. None of that stuff here. What you will get is:

  • Fun workout ideas
  • Stories to inspire you & reach out of your comfort zone
  • Tips to help you get more out of your exercises
  • Interesting ways to motivate yourself to achieve your fitness goals
  • News about cool gadgets, gizmos, and fashion

How does that sound? Like a fresh, new, interesting take on fitness?

Then you’re definitely in the right place!

What the heck do I know about fitness . . . 

Well, I’ve been working out for more than 40 years. Yeah, I’m getting old. But age is just a number, right?

It doesn’t seem that long ago, really, when I was just a kid running around the neighborhood every day. Who needed to work out then???


Oh the memories — I still remember buying my first weight set back in 8th grade, the kind with the plastic weights filled with cement (if you don’t remember those, that’s a good thing, since they haven’t been around for quite a while!) I used a mat on the floor, bought a fitness magazine from the local bookstore, and read everything I could about getting stronger (I think it worked … )

While I’m not a professional fitness trainer or medical professional, this site isn’t designed to give you scientific or medical advice. I’ll leave that to your personal trainer or doctor.

But I do know a thing or two about making fitness fun!

That’s a picture of me above, finishing a local holiday 5k race (I live in Connecticut, with my wife, 3 kids, and dog, in case you ever want to meet up and try to kick my butt in a race!) After a number of injuries that have made running and lifting heavy weights nearly impossible, I’ve had to find other ways to keep my butt moving. Like some of these:

  • Creative ways to work around various injuries (to my hips & back)
  • How to get in shape using just my body weight
  • Ways to find enjoyment despite my physical limitations
  • How to compete without doing long running races (my new favorite is obstacle races & mud runs!)
  • And finding enough variety in my workouts to stay healthy & happy!

So, I’d say I have a lot to share about fitness that you can benefit from!


When I became a “weekend warrior” . . . 

Over the years I did play some sports (football in high school & rugby in college, neither particularly well). And while I always wanted to be an athlete, for the most part I’ve always been a “weekend warrior” in my heart.

But I started to get bored.

And when I turned 40 I needed something different – a way to do a quick & easy workout, and maybe lose a few pounds, too. 

So I started running. Nothing special, just a lap or two around the neighborhood.

I never ran regularly before then. And it took me a few years to get into the groove. Even then I ran mostly just to get in shape. 

Then one day it all changed…

That was the day I decided to enter a race. Just a local 5k run, for a good charity. And 2 things happened.

First, I almost died (if you decide to run your first race on a sunny, warm, humid 90+ degree day in July, it can happen, trust me!)

Second, I fell in love with running.

Today, I still mostly run short 5k races, but a few 5-milers and half-marathons every once in a while.

I had hoped to run a marathon, but hip and back injuries have taken their toll, and 26.2 miles (marathon distance) is no longer an option. But I have become a big fan of mud runs & obstacle runs. I’ve done the bigger, well-known ones, like Warrior Dash. And also some smaller local ones.

For my weekend warrior spirit, nothing beats a good obstacle race (if you haven’t tried one, go for it!).

If you want to connect with me on social media, here you go:


Now it’s time to find your inner “warrior” spirit!

Whatever it is that gets you into your warrior spirit, good for you! The joy of being a weekend warrior is that it doesn’t matter how serious you are. You DON’T need to be an elite athlete, you DON’T need to have played sports, you DON’T even need to workout on a regular basis. But if you like having fun while getting in shape, you’re one of us – welcome to WWZ!


FREE "weekend warrior" bodyweight workout!
  • A fun new way to get into GREAT shape
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FREE "weekend warrior" bodyweight workout!
FREE "weekend warrior" bodyweight workout!
  • A fun new way to get into
    GREAT shape
  • NO equipment & NO gym needed
  • 30 fun & different exercises to do any time & any place!
FREE "weekend warrior" bodyweight workout!