When Is It Okay To Start Calling Yourself A Runner?

What exactly makes someone a runner? And why does it matter when someone becomes a “runner”? Well, I guess it’s because we all want to belong to something. And for many people, being a runner is something cool (of course it is!). But for some reason, people have a hard time identifying themselves as a runner. Read more...

7 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Having Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

If you’re going to work out, there’s always the possibility of getting hurt. And you’ll never know when you need tape, staples, gum, or glue (like the in the picture above) to hold yourself together! Well, not literally of course. But you can get hurt working out. That’s not meant to be disclaimer – although I guess it is. It’s just the reality of being a weekend warrior! Read more...
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